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"Lyrics of a Legacy" is a tribute to the late Jagjit Singh and is a collection of all g̣hazals, geets, nazms from original albums composed by Jagjit Singh. Lyrics are presented in both phonetic English & the Devanagari script.

Our journey begins with lyrics from 'Rare Gems' covering Jagjit Singh's music from the sixties & seventies. Thereafter, the lyrics appear by year of album release. A note at the end of each composition refers to the source album, year of release and the recording label. Each of Jagjit's compositions evokes a particular mood or emotion and we have shared our perception of the emotion/rasa evoked by each non-film composition included in this book.

Amongst the readers there may be some Jagjit Singh g̣hazal fans, who may not have studied the Hindi/Urdu script but wish to learn, understand & sing this genre. Urdu is a very wondrous and expressive language which embodies a large number of words which do not occur frequently and, therefore, appear to be difficult to understand and digest with reference to the context they are used in Urdu poetry. We have compiled selected words and phrases derived from "Lyrics of a Legacy Jagjit Singh" and present their meanings in English and Hindi (where required) as a Lexicon/Dictionary incorporated towards the end of the book.

This book is a humble attempt to preserve the rich legacy left for our and future generations by the late Jagjit Singh. We share our diary of Jagjit Singh's compositions. This book is a 'labour of our love' for the music and genius of Jagjit Singh's virtuosity. This is 'Our Jagjit Singh'!

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Introducing Lyrics of a Legacy

A unique book written for Ghazal lovers by Ghazal lovers which tells the story of the phenomenon Jagjit Singh, through the lyrics of his compositions, exclusive photographs and memoirs. "A must have for every Jagjit Singh fan"

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"Lyrics of a Legacy Jagjit Singh"
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About the authors

Umesh & Sharmila Khot are both medical doctors. Music is their passion. Jagjit Singh's music, a silken bond in their relationship and intrinsic part of their family life.

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