About the authors

Umesh Khot

First heard Jagjit Singh's voice in 1976 and soon was an established g̣hazal fan by the age of 11. The magic of Jagjit Singh's poetry selection, its composition and rendition captured his heart and imagination. Over the years, he continued to maintain a diary of Jagjit Singh's g̣hazal which he shares in the form of this book. He is a Consultant Surgeon in the National Health Service, UK.

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Sharmila Khot

First heard Jagjit Singh's music in her early twenties when she heard Umesh sing 'Baat Nikl'aegee To Phir Door Talak Jaa'aegee' followed by 'Tum Ko Dekhaa To Ye Ḳhayaal Aayaa' during their initial courtship. She soon joined his world of g̣hazals and Jagjit Singh's music continues to remain one of the many silken bonds in their relationship and an intrinsic part of their family life.

She is a Consultant Anaesthetist and Specialist in Pain Medicine in the National Health Service, UK.

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Khot Creations

“Lyrics of a Legacy Jagjit Singh” is self published by the authors. They are directors of Khot Creations Limited, a creative and publishing company based in Wales. All books are handmade by Abbey Bookbinding & Printing, Cardiff, Wales, UK.

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Introducing Lyrics of a Legacy

A unique book written for Ghazal lovers by Ghazal lovers which tells the story of the phenomenon Jagjit Singh, through the lyrics of his compositions, exclusive photographs and memoirs. "A must have for every Jagjit Singh fan"

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About the authors

Umesh & Sharmila Khot are both medical doctors. Music is their passion. Jagjit Singh's music, a silken bond in their relationship and intrinsic part of their family life.

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